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Illinois governor bribing pro-gun people to get the COVID vaccine

Bribery is nothing new in Illinois these days, but this is hilarious LOFL

I mean, it‘s not a bad ploy, especially from a less than gun friendly governor, but no thanks. I sure JB’s moms are thrilled with this incentive though LOL (sarcasm).

Oh, the Kane and Kendall County Moms Demand Action group? The ones that want their allied mayors to make the police their personal bodyguards if people they differ politically on show up in public places?

On another note, it’s a shame the governor isn’t doing more for people to take advantage of his offer, as FOID card backlogs are a major issue (not to mention the history of FOID cards). Either way though, his offer isn‘t too bad if people were already thinking of getting the vaccine, and to his credit (as much as this hurts to say) he was one of the only Democrat governors to not go after gun stores/FFL’s during 2020. He ordered them “essential” very early on, which below was the reaction from his mom friends.


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