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Instagram Censors & Suspends MAJor Black Influencer

In today's society, the 2nd Amendment is a hot topic, and over the last handful of years or so... it's been the foundation for many advocacies and activists to build upon.

Pro 2A this, Anti-2A that...

Our nation's founding fathers took great care in making sure that the inalienable rights of the people were a "matter of fact" when drafting the US Constitution. The whole purpose of it is to tell the government to back off those rights, but... unfortunately... over time, people went and people'd, by getting all emotional and reliant on others (like the government) to look after them. The Constitution became heavily politicized, and "This case vs. This case" after another, the main point of its existence became twisted, and people lost faith in it all together.

Welcome to 2021 (almost 2022)!

The news has been wild these days!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're quite aware of how the United States' construct from years prior, has shifted from being something seemingly "FREE," to now... where we're pretty much on the brink of __________________ (Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Stupidism, etc... fill in the blank with whichever "ism" suits you best. There are no wrong answers.)

We've gone from "I can say what I want! 1A!!! Freedom of Speech," to "What you just said offends me! You must be cancelled!"

We've gone from "My body, My choice," to "Screw your choice! Here's a mandated needle! INJECT MY CHOICE WITHIN YOU!"

One that gets me bent out of shape the most, even as a white chick... we've also gone from Liberal White America screaming, "Black Lives Matter! Give Black People Voices!" to "If you're black, but don't agree with our progressive politics and views, you're nothing more than a White Conservative With Black Skin."

I mean... isn't that a form of whitewashing?

And it's not JUST left leaning individuals doing this, but actual institutions, organizations, and companies, like social media platforms backed by White Left Leaning funders. And granted, it's NOT just black people with right leaning views getting this type of scrutiny. There are white folks on the receiving end, just as well, but considering we here at Mom-At-Arms are a COUNTER-PROPAGANDA GROUP... you have to admit, the propaganda... ADVERTISING... over the last few years (or more) has been built to PORTRAY institutions, organizations, and companies, like social media platforms as "Lifting Black Voices,” when in fact, they’re just using them for personal & political gain.

Take Instagram (Owned by Facebook/ Meta) for example. For the social media surfers with small attention spans, Instagram (aka IG) is the place to be. They've recently advanced a bit, and allowed for things like LIVE streaming, which gives users more than the typical one minute of video time. It, along with their "Reels" option, has really helped many IG Influencers gain traction to expand their networks and clientele base. And what an awesome time to have those abilities where Black Voices are being promoted.

Firearms Influencers, from ALL backgrounds, have also taken advantage of these new options, and built respectable platforms for themselves.

Back in the Summer of 2020, when individuals, institutions, organizations, and companies jumped on the "Lifting Black Voices" bandwagon during the pandemic lockdowns, social media platforms, like Instagram, also took advantage of the opportunity. And let's be very clear... it is about time that we lift black voices. (Keep reading) Like mentioned before, as much as our government and media have USED people of color for their personal (financial) agendas, through propaganda tactics that either paint them as menaces or victims of society... a race centered game of tug-o-war... it is ABSOLUTELTY RIGHT to give black voices the stage in order for them to express their displeasure with how THEY ARE being misused for politics… just based off of the color of their skin. It is very right for them to have the opportunity to correct that for the sake of black history. As a white woman, who is very proud of her race and heritage, as well as the ability to appreciate other races for their uniqueness, whether I 100% agree with them or not… what pisses me off the most is the outright HYPOCRISY certain folks, companies, orgs, etc... express when it comes down to black voices that do not align with their standards... or politics.

Take, for instance, Black Gun Rights advocates who utilize social media platforms to promote their activism. Here we are, during a time when society is supposed to be “lifting black voices” for their individuality; and working to preserve black history... which absolutely includes firearms… and there's still an underlying stigma there (like mentioned above, regarding the propaganda). Like, "They're black! They should be praised, but we can't give them something like a firearm, because they'll be seen as equals by white people... and not how we used to paint black people with guns as criminals. But! Let's boost their victimhood instead! That way, we can promote blackness as a race, and at the same time, use it as a way to correct our past racist ways. Because they're definitely onto us! We rich white people behind the curtain of MSM & Big Gov can make a difference for… people of color. We can piggyback off them to get those votes!”

I know! I'm rambling! But y'all know what I'm talking about. PEOPLE OF COLOR KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!