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Irrational and emotionally charged arguments by gun grabbers at McHenry County board meeting

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

So McHenry County is gearing up to vote on a resolution to declare the county opposed to Illinois's recent ban on commonly owned firearms and magazines. Last week, thanks to an insider who leaked material in which an anti-gun County board member was using an outside organization she belongs to to recruit anti-gun people to show up at board meetings, we were able to get the word out about her plans and upset it a tad:

Well, her friends still showed up today, 1/31/23, and my goodness they were a special bunch! Moms Demand Action members showed up (some wearing their shirts) and were not afraid to speak.

Here's just a few examples that were captured:

-woman who made her child wear earplugs at the board meeting so the child wasn't frightened by pro-2A arguments (also this woman thinks Alaska is "oversees" and a foreign land):

-this guy thinks owning a gun should be regulated like he job (a truck driver, so he has a CDL). He thinks a 2A sanctuary is equivalent to him not being regulated for his job and that it would allow the gun owner's equivalent to driving around drunk and stoned purposely trying to kill people:

The end of his blabbering where he gets into thinking that being a 2A sanctuary is the "same thing" as allowing him to drive around drunk and stoned in he truck purposely killing people:

-then there's this "Mom"s Demand Action guy, who thinks that laws are rights, and that not enforcing laws (like gun control, making blacks sit at the back of the bus, arresting people for wrong speak, etc) are a violation of rights. Yea, you read that correctly. These people really are that stupid:

Lastly, there's this guy, who thinks that becoming a 2A sanctuary means people can just walk around, whip out their Glocks, plop them on the table and that that's "exercising their 2A rights". He then goes on to talk about Supreme Court rulings, he obviously didn't read Bruen:

More of the hearing and people speaking can be viewed here:

These people are nuts. It's obvious that their warped vision on guns and their irrational fears are being projected on everyone. Luckily, they were outnumbered by the pro-2A crowd.


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