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Is Kamala a Bloomberg puppet?

Interesting, considering he is not well liked by actual democrats:

From 2019:

Kelly Mehlenbacher, who worked on operations for Kamala Harris’ presidential bid and recently informed colleagues of her plans to resign over frustrations with the organization, has accepted a job with Michael Bloomberg, sources said Wednesday.
Mehlenbacher, who served as the treasury manager for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, will become deputy chief operating officer for Bloomberg, according to two Democratic officials familiar with the move.
Harris’ campaign has experienced significant turbulence as she fell far behind in polls. That includes layoffs and redeployments to Iowa, where she’s banking on a come-from-behind, top-three finish to jumpstart her spiraling chances in South Carolina.
Mehlenbacher was among a group of staffers who tendered their resignations amid the latest round of layoffs, which hit the operations team hard. The staff reductions and subsequent shifts have focused renewed attention on deep and long-standing dysfunction among the campaign’s top leaders.
Mehlenbacher’s departure for Bloomberg comes as his team cast a wide net in the days before and after the billionaire former New York mayor formally entered the race last weekend. Kevin Sheekey joined as campaign manager, along with longtime Bloomberg ad strategist Bill Knapp and top field organizer Mitch Stewart.

No wonder Moms Demand (Bloomberg’s army) and Everytown (his org) are so happy:

If you’re a gun owning Democrat, you can’t say you’re “pro-2A“ and support a Biden/Harris ticket. Sorry, you just can’t. Fact is, she’s probably going to be assuming the top office if they win. Even CNN is prepping for it already:


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