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Joe Biden and the AR-14 (no, not a misprint. He said “AR-14”, and it’s REAL, kind of)

Updated: May 21, 2020

Earier today, Joe Biden argued with a Detroit auto worker about guns:

Former Vice President Joe Biden got into a heated exchange with a Detroit autoworker over gun rights Tuesday, with votes coming in during the Michigan primary.
“You are actively trying to diminish our second amendment right and take away our guns,” one autoworker yelled at Biden while appearing to be looking at his phone.
“You’re full of shit,” Biden fired back, adding, “I support the second amendment.”
“From the very beginning, I have a shotgun, I have a 20 gauge, a 12 gauge, my son’s hunt,” Biden said, adding, “I’m not taking your gun away at all.”
“If you need 100 rounds,” Biden said, before being interrupted while trying to find common ground with the union member.
Biden then dismissed viral videos the autoworker was citing as not accurate and mentioned “AR-14’s.”
“Look, here’s the deal, here’s the deal,” Biden said. “Are you able to own a machine gun? Under the law?”

Joe must be much cooler (and more senile) than originally thought. You see, there IS such thing as an AR-14 that holds 100 rounds......except it’s from the Xbox game series “Halo” and is a direct energy weapon (nice!):

The AR-14 DEW Assault Rifle was introduced in 2724 as a versatile, adaptable weapon capable of engaging enemies at short range. It was the first energy weapon to be employed by The Allegiance, its success resulted eventually resulted in the almost complete abandonment of ballistic weapons. The weapon was favoured by the majority of Allegiance soldiers, in much the same way as the UNSC's MA5C Assault Rifle. Despite its name as an assault rifle, it was designed for usage as almost any field weapon, albeit through its many modifications and variants.

This terrifying future energy weapon also comes in many variants:

So, Joe Biden didn’t make a goof today, his dementia was just kicking in and he thought he was in the Halo universe, not in Detroit, Michigan.

Game on, Joe. You may be “Master Chief”, but will never be “Commander in Chief“.


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