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Largest County in VA Now A Sanctuary For Gun Rights

I'm sure you've read some articles from major news outlets and popular social media influencers on how Pittsylvania County, Virginia- the largest county in the state- became a Sanctuary for 2nd Amendment Rights.

I don't care who you are. Blue Checked, Verified, Over A Million Followers, Know All There Is About The Law, Constitution, Guns... I really don't care at all... cause if you were not there in person, then YOU HAVE NO IDEA!


I got there about five minutes before the meeting started. The line to the building was constant- people just kept coming in. You make it through security and go up the steps to the courtroom, and you see nothing but smiling faces. At first I was a little taken off guard, because the last time I was in a courtroom (as a character witness), no one was smiling. People were shaking hands and mingling. I saw family, high school pals, community organizers... the room was packed and people were still coming, so I took my spot in the back, and stood right beside the entrance to the room.

I had planned to speak to the board, but missed the sign up. (Toddler tantrum)

Those who did speak... OH MY GOSH! They were OUTSTANDING!

It wasn't folks who JUST loved their Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. It was folks who LOVE their country and community. The people you see in the pics, that were in that room with me last night, are people that have lived their lives in Pittsylvania County. People who have started from scratch here. People who have raised their families in this area. People who have worked the land in this area and so forth.


(Funny- I'm actually in ALL of the pics the major media outlets have used but you only see parts of me! LOL!)

In the top pic, you see the top of my head. In the bottom, y'all get a glance at my red coat! LOL! I have cracked up laughing at these. The news outlets that were there REALLY didn't want me in any pics! LOL! Anywho... just a little humor. If you want to read those media outlet's coverages, click the original (larger full) pics above to go to the links.

The fellowship... THE PATRIOTISM... in that courtroom last night, on November 19th, 2019, was the most intense that I have ever felt. The room was packed. Elbow to elbow when I got there. The pics that the media outlets show (above) are from AFTER many left when they moved immediately to vote on the resolution. Some of the elderly and families with children left a little earlier as well, after the speakers. We already knew it was a Green Light... Go... "Pitt Co"... YES!! You could feel it. We knew it was coming! We just had to hear it!

We were all so excited, that even the Board Members caught themselves for rushing and forgetting a bit of protocol. Then... if you take the time to watch the video below, you can tell the Board Members realized that our enthusiasm was through the roof and we were maintaining as best we could... so they started toying with the crowd a bit.

(I started rocking back and forth a little while videoing- apologies for that! I was way too anxious. LOL!)

I literally walked out of that meeting on Cloud 9. After the resolution was made and official, I left with a big ol grin. I was smiling so big and in my own little world that when I got to the exit, I went out the wrong door, set off metal detectors and had the cops on me. LOL! And as if I didn't already look like an idiot, I told them I was directionally challenged as I made my way out the door. LOL! What makes it even better, is that since I'm still healing from my leg injury, I have a little "gimp" walk going on. I'm sure you can guess the thoughts those cops had. LOL! (Never a dull moment)

All in all, it was an amazing moment and I am soooooo freaking proud of MY COMMUNITY... MY HOME! This is just one step closer to telling Northam and the rest of these Gun Grabbers in VA, and throughout THE NATION that WE WILL NOT COMPLY WITH THEIR TYRANNY ANYMORE.



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