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Legal weed tax revenue to fight “gun violence” in IL not working

Last year, we did an in-depth investigation (including FOIA’s from the IL Lt. Governor’s office and elsewhere in which we will not disclose) on how the R3 grants (money from legal weed tax revenue) would be used by the state to “reduce gun violence”. Here’s the story:

The reality is that the Lt. Governor’s office was talking to brass for an IL gun control group (that has lobbying influence btw) on getting in on the $$$ :

Here’s the ILGVP coalition btw (who Sara was encouraging to help have a say in how the money is spent:

As you see, mixed in with churches and non-profits are also lobbying groups/orgs, PACs and even political parties that are being directed on how to spend tax revenue from legal weed sales in Illinois. The Governor also declared “gun violence“ a “public health emergency” the other day and is going to throw $250 million at it. Luckily, some people are pushing back at this “gun violence is a public health threat” agenda:

We 100% agree. Guns aren’t the problem, overall violence is. Politicians need to stop politicizing this issue and focusing on guns. Guns aren’t the problem, what causes people to commit violence (no matter what the weapon is) is the issue. Further, what the hell are the R3 grants being used for? It doesn’t seem to be working well at all....


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