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Local Texas Democratic Party paying Moms Demand Action “under the table”?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Won’t be doxing the individual, but check this out. Through a little research using the FEC website to browse through donations, we came across this:

Everytown/MDA was the recipient of the $500, but through some additional research, we found the person at that address (again, we are redacting most of it):

We looked Heather up, and.....

So this begs the question: if the money was being donated/distributed to Everytown, why was it given to an individual’s home address under Everytown’s name? Shouldn’t it go to Everytown’s main contribution address in New York or the Everytown Victory Fund? We pulled the donor records (over $200) for the Action Fund and the Victory Fund and did not see the individual contribute that $500 to either during the election cycle.

We also pulled the individual’s donations on the FEC website between the time of the “payment” and now. Would it shock you that it doesn’t come close to $500? She’s the TX one.....

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