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Matt Harrington, CEO of Ammo Coding Systems, is at it again (disrespecting others)

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Previously, we have reported what Matt Harrington did back in September (threatened to send police to someone‘s house to confiscate their FOID card because they disagreed with his “product”, which isn’t even a thing yet). That story (and more on his ludicrous proposal that has the backing of some Illinois politicians) can be seen here:

Let it be known though (also included in above link) is how this guy is dumb enough to leave threatening voicemails on the answering machines of political rivals (yes, he ran for office):

Today, due to the SCOTUS ruling that families of the Sandy Hook tragedy can move forward to sue Remington, ”angry Matt” posted this:

His post has NOTHING to do with the story he linked. Needless to say, people engaged him on his imaginary product (that would force ammo makers to use his system, otherwise the bullets couldn’t be sold in Illinois):

Keep engaging this guy and calling him out on his selfish proposal that would only make him a richer man. He has anger management issues and should be one of the last people to trust with anything firearm related. Matter of fact, since he claims that his system will somehow reduce ”gun violence”, perhaps the victim or the family of a victim in a shooting in which one of his coded bullets was used (if his product becomes reality and the law he supports becomes law) should sue him? After all, he said it himself⬇️

Update 11/13: It’s seems that Matt Harrington approves of this article (sent in by a fan). And no, we’re not the NRA lol.

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Mom At Arms
Mom At Arms
Nov 12, 2019

Oh boy! 🤣

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