• A MomAtArms Contributor

Mayor Lori Lightfoot might as well just resign in shame. She’s done

Lori Lightfoot declared victory on April 2, 2019. On her victory speech, she gave a shout out to one of the groups that shilled for her, Moms Demand Action:

She assumed office on May 20, 2019. This article isn’t going to be about the moms though, it’s about how people saw a “breath of fresh air” in Lightfoot, but she failed them and quickly became just another backstabbing politician that screwed over her voting base and her city. Let’s quickly look at why.


Lightfoot, the city’s first Black female mayor and first openly gay mayor, ran as an outsider in 2019, promising a commitment to social justice and equity as well as vowing to reform Chicago’s notorious political machine. Her $12.8 billion budget includes a $94 million property tax hike, a 3¢-per-gallon increase to the gas tax, a $30 million draw from reserves, and more funds raised from speed cameras, parking meters, and other fines and fees. The city is also refinancing and restructuring $1.7 billion in debt for a half-billion dollars in savings, a tactic referred to as “scoop and toss” that’s generally frowned upon by fiscal watchdogs.

Fine, that’s boring stuff. So let’s fast forward to where she really screwed up: the summer of 2020 (this becomes important at the end of this article after what came out on 5/6/21). The summer of 2020 was the worst amount of unrest and violence the city had seen since the late 1960’s (because of all of that, Illinois now has the FOID card). Lightfoot let Chicago burn and did very little to control it. The worst of it was not first amendment activity (which regardless of your opinion of BLM, they have a right to peacefully protest), it was full on riots and destruction.