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Mayors Against Illegal Guns member’s felon husband busted with....cocaine and an illegal gun

Updated: May 20, 2021

From Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms:

Rochester, New York Mayor Lovely Warren is a typical Democrat politician when it comes to gun control. She’s complained about the number of “illegal guns on the streets” of the city, supported the state’s draconian gun control laws, and even announced a gun “buyback” earlier this week, claiming once again that “getting guns off our streets must be a priority.”
Turns out Warren should have been more concerned about illegally possessed guns in her home. On Wednesday, the New York State Police raided the home that Warren shares with her husband Timothy Granison and allegedly discovered him to be in possession of 31 grams of cocaine as well as a firearm, which is a no-no since Granison was convicted of armed robbery 24 years ago.

Oooooooo that’s not good, especially considering her allies and who she’s with:

Oh, and who does she also support and who supports her? Yep, go figure:

After the Genesee Street Shooting, Mayor Lovely Warren announced she would be working with other New York Mayors to end gun violence.
On Tuesday the Mayor met with one advocacy group, Moms Demand Action, which formed in response to the Sandy Hook Shooting in 2012.

So, curious as to if allowing your felon husband who was convicted of a violent crime to run around with cocaine and a handgun is violating the terms of Mayors Against Illegal Guns membership? Doubtful, as it’s the law abiding gun owners they’re actually after.

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