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Militia Leader Speaks Out About Riots Throughout The US

As protests over the death of George Floyd have spread throughout the nation, and many being misused as opportunities to promote violence against our Nation’s Law Enforcement & Military Officials helping to keep order, many have asked, “Where are the militias?”

Over the course of Mom-At-Arms’ activism to help preserve America’s Gun Rights, we’ve had the honor of meeting several other Pro Gun Activists from all over the country. Many of them being part of U.S. Militias.

Armed Protestors in Richmond, VA 1/20/2020

January 20th, 2020, during a protest for Gun Rights in Richmond, VA, the atmosphere was much different from what we are seeing on television and in the Mainstream Media headlines, now. Mom-At-Arms creator and lifelong Virginian, Jill S. McDaniel was present that day, and able to connect with many others like Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia Commander, Christian Yingling. Two different people, from two different walks of life, participating in a historical event that peacefully united thousands upon thousands of others for a common cause. That cause being something that many organizations, like Gun Control & Media groups, deemed as a “terrorist” and an “extremist” event.

Pics Above: Participants of Lobby Day 1/20/2020 in Richmond, Virginia come together from all over the country, from many different backgrounds, to peacefully protest for American’s Gun Rights.

As you can see from the pics above compared to those below, being part of the Peaceful, Lobby Day 2020 experience, then seeing the riots over George Floyd’s death turn violent and disorderly, anyone looking on would have questions for those like McDaniel, and especially Yingling, to share their opinions on the matter.