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Militia Leader Speaks Out About Riots Throughout The US

As protests over the death of George Floyd have spread throughout the nation, and many being misused as opportunities to promote violence against our Nation’s Law Enforcement & Military Officials helping to keep order, many have asked, “Where are the militias?”

Over the course of Mom-At-Arms’ activism to help preserve America’s Gun Rights, we’ve had the honor of meeting several other Pro Gun Activists from all over the country. Many of them being part of U.S. Militias.

Armed Protestors in Richmond, VA 1/20/2020

January 20th, 2020, during a protest for Gun Rights in Richmond, VA, the atmosphere was much different from what we are seeing on television and in the Mainstream Media headlines, now. Mom-At-Arms creator and lifelong Virginian, Jill S. McDaniel was present that day, and able to connect with many others like Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia Commander, Christian Yingling. Two different people, from two different walks of life, participating in a historical event that peacefully united thousands upon thousands of others for a common cause. That cause being something that many organizations, like Gun Control & Media groups, deemed as a “terrorist” and an “extremist” event.

Pics Above: Participants of Lobby Day 1/20/2020 in Richmond, Virginia come together from all over the country, from many different backgrounds, to peacefully protest for American’s Gun Rights.

As you can see from the pics above compared to those below, being part of the Peaceful, Lobby Day 2020 experience, then seeing the riots over George Floyd’s death turn violent and disorderly, anyone looking on would have questions for those like McDaniel, and especially Yingling, to share their opinions on the matter.

Rioters in Minneapolis May 2020

So, Yingling, through a personal Facebook post that Jill stumbled upon early this morning (May 30th, 2020), eloquently assesses and breaks down what we are seeing now as a militia leader... and as an American.

Mr. Yingling has given Mom-At-Arms permission to share his words, that we humbly agree with. We hope you all enjoy, as much as we have, and learn something from them.

Since this has started, I've been approached by various members of the press and other individuals asking for my opinion on the issue and how the militia was planning on responding to it.
First Off, I don't speak for the entire militia. I DO have connections with militias all over the country, and have been talking with their CO's about the situation. The reality of it is... The militia is nowhere NEAR ready to deal with something like this.. not at this magnitude. We simply don't have the resources or personnel to deal with something this big. We are taking steps to do what we can in our individual communities, but that's about the extent of it.
I've been asked, “are you siding with LEO's or Protestors?”
Again there's no easy answer to that. It's very situational. In some cases I agree with law enforcement, and others I agree with protestors. I side with the constitution. That's a loaded statement but the best I can give. If you're out there violating their right to protest, then I stand with the people... if you're out there destroying things needlessly, then I stand with Law enforcement.
I don't necessarily condone what they're doing, but I completely understand it, and knew this day would come. This is why I always said, “you DON'T want war in this country. War isn't pretty. Shit gets broken. Innocent people get hurt.” This is why I say people need to come together. And now...they have. This is YEARS of being treated like criminals by law enforcement because of your race or social standing; YEARS of having corporations buying out politicians to the point that they ignore their constituents; YEARS of having our paychecks raped so politicians can get rich off us while we live in relative squalor, scraping change together to feed our kids; YEARS of being abandoned by the government who SAYS they're there to take care of us while in reality, they are robbing us blind the whole time. They have taken our ability to vote out the bad ones and made it worthless... because the next guy gets corrupted just as easily. Oh yes, this quit being about the death of one man, and very quickly became about rage against being oppressed and treated like second class citizens for years.
You'll get no sympathy from me about neighborhoods being burned to the ground because I've been warning people about this for years. I said this was going to happen, and all the while people kept blaming the liberals...kept blaming the republicans; all the while, they were all in it together. Now, you're going to see first hand just how LITTLE the left vs right paradigm applies when it comes to THEM dealing with this. Just like the political divides have disappeared with the protestors. Oh you're about to see JUST how united THEY (politicians) are... Because now they're scared. Now, the people are coming for them. The piper has come a calling and he wants his due.
The beast has been wanted it? You got it.
Do I care if some corporate store gets destroyed? No I don't. Just like they didn't care when they moved into town and ran all the surrounding small businesses into the ground. I don't forgive, and I damn sure don't forget. However at the same time, I wish the looters would avoid the small businesses.. this isn't their fault. They're just trying to survive like the rest of us peasants.
I don't want our country to be destroyed from within, and will assist in any way I can to stop it. But I fear this has gone on for too long. The rage just runs too deep. I think we could be possibly looking at a complete reset in this country if this situation can't be brought under control. One thing I can promise you.. after this is over, the country will never be the same again. Either we will once again be free men whose government works for them as they should...or we are going to live in a locked down police state. I'm definitely NOT ok with the latter.
The whole situation is scary to say the very least. Where it's going to lead, I have no clue. I think it's going to depend on whether or not they can get this under control or not.. because the longer it goes on the more it's gaining steam off itself. It has developed a life all it's own and it's going to be hard for LEO's to get control of, because no matter what they do at this point... it's just going to make the people more angry.. thus breathing MORE life into the resistance. For every person they arrest, three more will pop up to replace them. After years of abuse from the government and bad law enforcement (because there are good ones out there too) It would seem they have painted themselves into a corner they can't get out of.
One thing's for damned sure.. The last thing in the world I would want to be right now is a police officer. All those years of riding the thin blue line defending each other, has now led to ALL law enforcement having huge targets painted on their backs. THEY are the one who will be made to suffer for this and that's just not fair... unfortunately a few bad apples have ruined the whole bunch in the eyes of the people. I think back to that day in Charlottesville when the police stood by as we got our shit pushed in trying to keep some sense of order.. and I think to myself... you got exactly what you deserved. You picked a paycheck over the people you were supposed to protect...and those people have not forgotten...nor will they. And now they're coming for you.
I'll bet right now there's a cop somewhere who would absolutely love to have us come and help them.. guess they should have thought about that when they were calling us “domestic terrorists,” and “rednecks with guns”
So I'm just going to sit back keep building my new organization and prepare, as best as I can, to defend my family, my community, and my constitution to the absolute best of my ability. Where that leads me, I can't say. But I'll stick to my family, my guns, my community, and my constitution to my dying breath.
To the truly good LEO's out there. I'm truly sorry you have to go through this. I understand the situation you felt you were under, and know there was no easy answer to it. You have my support and prayers.
To my Brothers and sisters in the military and national guard.. I offer the following warning.. think long and hard before you pull that trigger on one of your own countrymen.. because if and when you do....there's NO going back.
~Gypsy out.

Thank you, Christian Yingling of the PA Volunteer Militia for allowing Mom-At-Arms to share your thoughts. We also thank you and all the great Americans who are fighting relentlessly to help preserve our nation and The Great Uniter of We The People... Our Constitution.


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