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Mom-at-arms has been marked for deletion on Facebook

Got this notification today:

The post had info on on Kyle’s attackers, including Gaige (one of the people that Kyle Rittenhouse shot one self defense). You know, this guy (evidence and such of self defense by Kyle):

Facts don’t matter to Facebook and they will de-platform you if you go against the company narrative. Nevermind the facts, such as Gaige was not a witness, asked Kyle why he was running away (to which he replied he’s going to get the police and continued on), and then Gaige joined in with the mob chasing him, caught up once he tripped, fake surrendered and moved in to flank him and kill him and regretted not being able to do so. That goes against what Facebook company policy, so can’t say that (even though there has been no trial, thus he has already been convicted by the company). We aren’t the only ones being targeted for elimination:

Facebook is censoring posts and videos that it has decided “support”