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Moms Demand Action and the FEC: time to have the FEC investigate Everytown? We have evidence

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

We all know that Everytown is dirty and hypocritical, however I came across this Facebook post and found it funny and ironic:

No need to even get into Project Veritas’s recent bust regarding Mark Kelly and Everytown, we are going to focus on more hard evidence of coordination of MDA/Everytown and another politician. This guy:

And pay attention to this:

You see, Congressman Brad Schneider seems to be able to have Moms Demand Action at his fingertips as a means to organize events for him (god I love FOIA):

Funny, the flyer for the event seems to make it appear that Everytown (Moms/Students Demand Action) organized it and invited the congressman as a “special guest”:

The congressman‘s government provided website also states Moms Demand Action organized the event:

The Moms Demand Action area lead contradicts that statement as shown in the email (which was sent out to a public school district looking for feelers). And Shannon was coordinating with him as well btw :

So which is it? Does the congressman have Moms Demand Action at his disposal in order to organize political events for him, or is the area Moms Demand Action lead that sent the email confused about who initiated it all? I think we have an idea on the answer.......

Now to go further. It should come as no surprise that Schneider is endorsed by the Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund and Moms Demand Action, it’s even on his campaign website:

In fact, Everytown gives his political campaign money. This election cycle (2020), he’s received at least $2500 from them:

So why does this matter? Well, Schneider is using his position to go after his campaign endorser‘s (and donor) nemesis and use the federal government to do so. In fact, just last month:

WASHINGTON—Today, Reps. Brad Schneider and Jimmy Gomez led members of the Ways & Means and Oversight & Reform Committees in formally calling on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to review the tax-exempt status of both the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the NRA Foundation.  In light of the recent reports of the NRA’s self-dealing and abuse of its tax status by the New York Attorney General and by Rep. Schneider, the 33 Members wrote the below letter to Commissioner Rettig calling for further investigation:
“The lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General outlined a pattern of egregious self-dealing by directors or members in control of the organizations, looting corporate assets solely for personal benefit, and using vendors and contractors to hide improper use of funds or conflicts of interest,” the letter states. “In light of this new information, we respectfully ask that you review whether the recent allegations against the NRA and NRA Foundation warrant reconsideration of the organizations’ federal tax-exempt status under Sections 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) of the IRC…No organization that wantonly and repeatedly abuses these rules in order to advance and enrich the financial interests of its leaders should be allowed to enjoy privileged tax-exempt status.”

The House Ways & Means Committee has jurisdiction over the IRS and federal tax law, and the Oversight and Reform Committee has jurisdiction over all aspects of the federal government.
Since May 2019, Schneider has been calling for the NRA to be investigated for its blatant abuse of its tax-exempt status. In February 2020, he released a report on the NRA’s abuses, which followed on testimony from a former IRS official that the NRA’s conduct “absolutely” raised questions about its tax-exempt status.

Facts matter, and the fact is that Rep. Schneider is knee deep w/Everytown and possibly is doing some borderline illegal stuff (hey, we’ll . But hey, great photo ops matter!

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