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Moms Demand Action and the FEC: time to have the FEC investigate Everytown? We have evidence

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

We all know that Everytown is dirty and hypocritical, however I came across this Facebook post and found it funny and ironic:

No need to even get into Project Veritas’s recent bust regarding Mark Kelly and Everytown, we are going to focus on more hard evidence of coordination of MDA/Everytown and another politician. This guy:

And pay attention to this:

You see, Congressman Brad Schneider seems to be able to have Moms Demand Action at his fingertips as a means to organize events for him (god I love FOIA):

Funny, the flyer for the event seems to make it appear that Everytown (Moms/Students Demand Action) organized it and invited the congressman as a “special guest”: