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Moms Demand Action fan butthurt over “the shirt” and trolling gun grabbers

So Mom-At-Arms' creator, Jill McDaniel, was in a conversation with a Moms Demand Action (gun control) supporter and Jill linked this article featuring us:

It’s no secret that we successfully trolled Shannon Watts with "The Shirt" and it was a non-issue until Watts lied about the shirt to smear Nick Freitas. Well, harmless successful trolling really upset this person enough for her to send Jill this privately:

Jill has a sense of humor (like most of us here do, life’s too short to be serious all of the time), and sorry, this is funny!!!!!! Only harm done was to Moms Demand Action’s name (come on, they asked for it) and Shannon Watts using something to smear a congressional candidate that HER OWN ORGANIZATION submitted a cease & desist order over months prior to Shannon’s ill attempt to attack Freitas:

Pre-Watts using it:

Months later (she deleted it once we made it known we were on to her):