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Moms Demand Action getting desperate in Texas, resorts to false smears of GOA

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

This is laughable because it’s totally obvious to anyone with half a brain (yeah, Moms Demand Action and “brain” don’t go well together) that this was not done (and isn‘t even a GOA poster) by GOA or GOA members. Exploiting an obvious false smear (and not a humorous one) is just the Moms Demand way I guess.

Ok, perhaps if Moms Demand wants to play dirty, people can print these off and plaster them all over. It’s not a lie though, since that’s how they feel and why they want gun control. In the link just prior is Champe Barton of Trace Media (Moms Demand Action/Everytown’s media arm saying gun control needs to be used to target the black community), so go ahead and print away!!! At least this one is more believable:

I don’t know, they started it by not “fact checking“ what they’re using as an argument. Anyone can make a fake ad/poster. If on the other hand they are knowingly pushing false material, then they deserve this plastered everywhere as well.


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