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Moms Demand Action is grasping at straws during this pandemic, but their cronies are getting dirty

Updated: May 20, 2020

Yesterday, Moms Demand Action published this:

While NRA Board MembersUse the Pandemicto Further Racist Narratives, Spread Conspiracy Theories, and Dismiss the Seriousness of Coronavirus, the NRA isFear Mongeringto Sell Guns
As Americans shelter in place to flatten the curve of coronavirus, the NRA is fear mongering about the pandemic to sow division and sell guns. Last Friday, the NRA released a video urging Americans to buy guns to protect themselves during the coronavirus pandemic, saying, “You might be stockpiling up on food right now to get through this current crisis. But if you aren’t preparing to defend your property when everything goes wrong, you’re really just stockpiling for somebody else.” 

“Racist Narratives”? Really???? The video linked in MDA’s article is this!

How is a disabled African American woman who took the actions to protect herself “racist”?

Further, Americans are buying firearms to protect their home due to uncertainty in a crisis situation. Fact is, Moms Demand Action’s allies are attempting to enact BS “emergency declarations” to stop firearm sales during the pandemic. One famous example is in Champaign, Illinois, in which the city council gave the mayor the power to ban the sale/transfer of firearms and ammo. Mom-At-Arms obtained emails via FOIA proving that the mayor is a Bloomberg (MDA) stooge as well.

It’s not just small towns allied with Bloomberg/MDA that are doing this though. San Jose, California ordered gun stores closed:

SAN JOSE — As Bay Area business owners navigated the labyrinthine rules of the sweeping shelter-in-place order implemented Monday, many gun dealers across the region opted to stay open this week, amid a spike in sales apparently driven by fears over the coronavirus pandemic.
But after customers lined up around gun stores in several counties Tuesday — including outside the Bullseye Bishop in San Jose — San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo declared that “gun stores are non-essential.”
“We are having panic buying right now for food,” Liccardo said Wednesday. “The one thing we cannot have is panic buying of guns.”

Sounds like a personal opinion, does it not? Should come as no surprise:

States are also purposely stopping background checks, such as New Jersey:

Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order to close all non-essential retail business has forced gun dealers, who were experiencing a spike in sales amid the anxiety surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, to shut down.
On Saturday, the online service used to process background checks for firearm dealers, the New Jersey National Instant Criminal Background Check System, told stores they can no longer process requests.

Of course, Bloomberg’s the Trace loves this:

On March 21, New Jersey joined a growing number of states to mandate the closure of nonessential businesses, including gun stores, to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. But instead of just telling stores to close and hoping for the best, officials in the Garden State shut down the gun background check system, rendering firearm sales virtually impossible.
The decision comes amid a nationwide spike in gun sales as fears of social unrest proliferate. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry’s trade group, reported that gun background checks processed on March 16 had surged 300 percent over the same day in 2019. New Jersey requires checks on all gun sales, including those between private parties. 

There’s what happens when you have universal background checks. New Jersey laws don’t apply to Moms Demand Action, though. And once again, Murphy is MDA’s lover boy:

Also, MDA’s took action in the “gunshine“ State. Look what just happened in Florida:

Democrat Nikki Fried, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services, is in charge of processing the state’s concealed carry permit applications. She has announced through a press release that her office is halting the processing of all conceal carry permit applications through at least April 19 due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Do you even need to guess?

And don’t forget Rhode Island!

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has signed an executive order that extends background checks for firearm purchases from seven days to 30.


I can go on and on about other examples of Moms Demand Action allies using the crisis to enact ”emergency“ gun control (such as in Pennsylvania, which has now turned into a lawsuit), but I won’t. You get the idea.

Moms Demand Action‘s allies are using a health crisis to enact (or give the power to enact) bans on the sales and transfers of firearms. They’re exploiting the crisis in order to stop Americans (regardless of race, sex, religion) from getting armed to protect themselves in a situation where they might need to if things get worse. This isn’t about safety, it’s about control, and frankly, they’re mad that more Americans have said “screw it, I’m buying a gun legally.” This is all FACT as outlined above. They are nothing more than scared and ignorant fools.

Oh, and speaking of “racist“ comments, this is a good one from MDA’s very own Shannon Watts. If you’re Caucasian, you’re automatically racist by default:


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