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Moms Demand Action party crashing 101 (and why everyone needs to keep an eye out)

We are going to compile a new article off of old ones because a friend of MAA just sent us this:

Basically, a chapter lead for Moms Demand Action in Southern Illinois (gun control isn’t too popular down there) is doing the typical “we need to do something“ and the local MSM affiliate to her was all about letting her spread her message to their audience. What happened (death of an 18 year old at a party) is tragic, but they don’t even have all of the details yet and this woman (Jane Otte, the chapter lead) is already crying for gun control. So let’s begin.

Meet Jane. She’s your typical diehard neoliberal statist NPC that loves her red shirt.

Back in 2019, she put together a “community safety fair” for her area. Here’s what it was:

Screenshots from article because there’s a slight formatting issue with copy/paste.

That area wasn‘t too familiar with Moms Demand Action, and as you see, they conned a shooting range and tactical training center into joining their little event. Some of our researchers and allies needed to whistleblow, as this event was not a safety fair, but a promotional stunt for Moms Demand Action. We started digging through her Facebook posts (private profile now, thanks to what happened) and the people that needed to see them saw them.