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Moms Demand Action tries to recruit Redditors and it backfires

The women of this organization are now trying to pull a fast on people over on Reddit, and they are flat out lying about their organization.

Ms. Larue posts this for Ohio Redditors:

Top comment is another poster stating facts on who/what Moms Demand Action is, and Ms. Larue says it’s not true.

Williaty is 100% correct, they are part of Everytown and are funded by Michael Bloomberg.

Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and founder and owner of global financial services and media company Bloomberg LP, is the founder and the primary funder of Everytown.

Shannon Watts founded it in 2012 and quickly sold out (merged) to Mike in 2013 to create Everytown For Gun Safety (Mayors Against Illegal Guns + Moms Demand Action = Everytown).

It says a lot that Moms Demand Action shills have to lie/misrepresent what they actually do and who backs them.....


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