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More Bloomberg gun control activist trainees in public schools

Came across this while “surfing” tonight. It’s was published on the school’s website on 1/12/20. Due to it involving “children”, the name of the school and other information has been edited out. It’s a public high school out of Washington state though, that much I’ll say.

Did you catch it?

Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety started Students Demand Action in order recruit high school students and college students into their organization. Doesn’t fit into the other categories of the school’s clubs though, does it?

Students Demand Action is also prepped up by Moms Demand Action, the red shirt wearing people that lobby elected officials to enact any gun control law that gets introduced. These students are also used by politicians as well:

Good job 10th district democrats! Nothing like using kids to get a photoshoot with your Democrat congressman!

Politicians and lobbying organizations are using children to advance their partisan agenda (it’s not gun safety, it’s gun control). This “club” at a high school in Washington is a “branch” of Everytown in New york (hell, take a look at a position they were hiring for). This school is allowing a political lobbying group to operate on taxpayer funded property. Think about that....


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