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Morning Java with Gun Grabbing Amy

Updated: May 20, 2020

Unlike most, because I work on a more personable level with Moms Demand Action shills, its only right that I use a conversation I recently had with one, while enjoying my cup of morning coffee to explain just how absolutely DAFT they are to the world... and even their own organization. Hope y'all enjoy!

On the morning of today, Tuesday, April 28th, 2020... while anxiously waiting for my super human powers to thoroughly perk and be extended down to me from Mount Keurig, I logged into my Twitter account and noticed one of my East Coast members of 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control sent out the "Shocka Signal."

Considering the pace to which my notifications go off daily, and how many tags and @'s get lost in the mix of my social media platforms, me seeing this one... I knew I HAD to engage. It was the right thing to do. Note: Handles will be censored, so that I do not have to hear any BS about how I've publicly shamed another Moms Demand Action shill... even though this thread is entirely public. I will leave my handle unscathed from the edit tool, as proof that other than for censorship reasons in THIS article to help aid in concealing identities, I have not "photoshopped" this convo at all.

Within the tagged notification, was a retweet of a Moms Demand Action shill... "Amy."

Amy is a She/Her who loves elephants, and apparently writes poems about voting "Gun Sensibly." Amy stumbled onto an NRA (National Rifle Association) tweet, and found herself in the middle of a Gun Nut swarm, as she tried valiantly, to defend Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America (and Everytown).

Amy's thoughts behind her response to the NRA broken down for y'all: "How can Everytown, and especially Moms Demand Action, be masquerading as anything other than lovers of the world!? We are MOMS, you conspiracy theory, gun jocks! We volunteer to fight off monsters, every single day. We want everyone to love and hug one another, and glide into Unicorn Gun Free Land on rainbow, cotton candy clouds. Love drives out fear... but how do you like that moot Supreme Court Ruling ya got there, ya Gun Loving F*cktards?"

Well, several folks made the honest assumption that Amy is totally off her rocker, so they engaged in civil conversation, and respectfully corrected Amy's stance. Amy swears that organizations like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, as well as Everytown, work WITHIN the legality of the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitution.

Their place is not to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. No. That's not what they're doing at all. Their work is actually making it harder for Americans to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right through limitations... which, is not working within the 2nd Amendment at all... but working against it.

Amy kept up the charade with many gentlemen (that's right- He/ Hims) on that thread; playing the sweet and innocent "Mom for Gun Sense" role.

Well... one of my 1 Million Moms AGAINST Gun Control (1mmagc) East Coast teammates happen to sniff ol Amy out as a Moms Demand Action Shill, and being that my 1mmagc Teammate is a DV survivor, she had to call Amy out on her lies.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, was originally named 1 Million Moms FOR Gun Control. Their original mission was to set out into the vast lands of America's gated communities, door to door, to "educate" people on Gun Violence issues. Under the leadership of founder, Shannon R. Watts, who sold out through a merger to billionaire/ politician, Michael Bloomberg, to form Everytown for Gun Safety, in 2012/2013- their mission was to make firearm ownership completely illegal. That was the basis for the groups, and considering the times, now and how much money Bloomberg has put into US Elections... it's STILL their basis.

So, I jumped in on Amy's original tweet at the NRA and asked what "Shall Not Be Infringed" means. She didn't reply, so, I waited... and she took the bait from my 1mmagc sister's shoutout.

Amy told my 1mmmagc East Coast teammate that "Disarmament is not the ultimate goal," of Moms Demand Action/ Everytown. I humbly followed with proof that Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, was in fact, after all guns. Along with Bloomberg, Shan wants them GONE.

Amy responded EXACTLY like a Moms Demand Action Shill always does...

"OMG! Like, that tweet is so old!"

As I was having this moment of reckoning with Amy, another tweeter asked Amy if she were aware of the Brady Campaign.

Amy was completely unaware and even admitted it.

We've covered the eerie, and overly coincidental similarities between Watts and founder of the Brady Campaign's, Million Mom March... Donna Dees- Thomases before. I've tried drilling this into the heads of the masses since I wrote the piece, because understanding Watts' past is how we understand her future moves. No. It was brushed under the rug as people jumped on bandwagons of info that were only "cool for the moment." All the while, Watts and Bloomberg took advantage of every single little bit of spotlight they were receiving from the minuscule narratives the Gun Lobby was pushing at the time.

Everything from former lifestyles to present successes, Thomases and Watts share a role in the Gun Control world... and not just a "role" like a calling. An ACTUAL ROLE... like you get when you're cast into a movie. These aren't suggestions. They're fact based connections between the two ladies. Even when Shannon Watts officially merged her organization with Michael Bloomberg's, Donna Dees-Thomases exclaimed in a presser,

"Its like I've passed the torch along."

As I revealed these truths to my Moms Demand Action supporting, coffee date, Amy, she did as all that are trained by Shannon Watts do, and gave me the final farewell.


So, you see folks... Moms Demand Action Shills are programmed to think one way, and one way only. From where my follow up to her praises of Moms Demand Action was considered "dated," Amy didn't even realize that she's playing part in an ACT within today's society. One that Mom-At-Arms has proven and explained, time and time again.

And if you noticed, Amy could not answer my question: "What does Shall Not Be Infringed mean?" She avoided it altogether.



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