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Now playing in a theater near you.....

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Everytown is upping their game. They’re bringing their message to the big screen for moviegoers to see:

To people watching that don‘t know who they are, they might check out the website (and click the additional link to find out more):

Click “Everytown” and......

Sign up for the BeSmart e-mail list on the site and automatically be sent an email to become a “volunteer“:

BeSmart is nothing other than a scam meant to sucker people into joining Moms Demand Action and Everytown. A past stunt of theirs was busted (more on that here):

Just a reminder, these fools know NOTHING about gun safety.

That’s right, a “gun safety” group is grabbing a gun by the muzzle (not safe for the user or anyone near them). Don’t listen to these people, their propaganda, or be fooled into joining their movement.

Update: 12 hours after signing up for BeSmart, got this. Told ya, it’s not about teaching/encouraging safety, it’s a recruitment scam.


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