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Now Shannon Watts doesn’t like white Virginia moms lol

First, she cheered on the idea of white men (she’s white btw) being bred (replaced) out of existence.

Then, after dissing white men, she was mad that minorities, not white men, were buying guns.

Now, in yet another race baiting gaslighting post, she’s targeting white Virginia moms for voting Republican.

With that post, she is trying to put the blame on white moms for voting Republican and enrage non-white voters/moms due to the house R’s passing a bill that does away with preemption (local governments can’t enact stricter gun control more harsh than state law). For example, if the bill passed, Richmond couldn’t create a gun control law that is more restrictive than state law. The whole playground thing was complete gaslighting. The bill was killed in the senate anyways. Another bill that was shot down was allowing licensed concealed carry holders more privileges where they could carry legally (also killed by senate Democrats).

This lady‘s idea of advocacy is turning people against one another and creating hatred and chaos, with the main goal of her work is to elect Democrats that are in favor of civilian disarmament and eradicating the 2nd Amendment. What a noble cause (not). Go race bait some more, Shannon......

And remember, she’s the founder of Moms Demand Action and helped form (and is still part of) Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety, which one thing they’re doing is using black gun rights activists to get publicity for Moms Demand Action/Everytown, all while working to disarm them behind their backs. More on that in link below.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Feb 04, 2022

I see what the problem is. Collectivist Shannon assumes if we don't like her, it must be because we don't like "all women." No, Shannon -- it's just you.

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