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Occupy Democrats go from “screw landlords” to backing evictions because of vaccines

First, if you haven’t hear of them (doubtful you haven’t):

Founded in late 2012 by Omar and Rafael Rivero, Occupy Democrats is a political organization and news website that provided an online counterbalance to the Republican “Tea Party.” Since then, it has grown into the largest and most active community of Democratic voters in the world and has spearheaded the resistance to President Trump and his radical supporters.
The Occupy Movement changed the national conversation around the issue of class and inequality, but unlike the Tea Party, it unfortunately failed to achieve major legislative victories. Inspired by the Occupy Movement’s revolutionary energy and ideals, we aim to create a more equal society for ALL by working with progressives, labor unions, and the Democratic Party to beat back the wealthy oligarchs and their servants in Congress.
Our mission is to Occupy Democrats on November 2020 AND BEYOND by voting in a LANDSLIDE of progressive Democratic candidates dedicated to rolling back President Trump’s extremist agenda and making Congress work for Main Street instead of Wall Street. We’re going to do that by advancing a bold progressive agenda, including Medicare-for-All, free public college tuition, and a $15 federal minimum wage for hard-working Americans.
While Trump’s MAGA cronies have nearly the entire Republican caucus in Congress ruthlessly pursuing their extreme agenda, Occupy Democrats is an ever-growing MOVEMENT dedicated to changing that! Let’s give the Trump and the GOP the boot — for good! — by electing a slate of newly-energized progressives to Congress.
Working through the democratic process, We The People will rise up to give President elect a Congress that will work to fix the economy, create jobs, promote fairness, fight racism, protect a woman’s right to choose, and get money OUT of politics!

At first they were like:

But now since the vaccine push is on (like a month and a half after those tweets), they flipped:

People across the U.S. have found they need to be vaccinated from COVID-19 to eat, work, and party. Some Florida residents will now need it if they want to continue living in their current apartment. A landlord in Lauderhill, Florida, a city northwest of Fort Lauderdale, has mandated his tenants and building employees be vaccinated from the virus to keep their lease and jobs.The move, instituted last month, outraged some of his existing tenants, one of whom filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to renew her lease without having to disclose her vaccination status. Two workers have also quit due to the policy...........

Stop listening to these people and buying into their “social justice” BS. They’re frauds and have an agenda to push, and they’ll suck you in and throw you to the curb in a heartbeat once you’re no longer needed for their political goals. Oh, and so much for “racial justice“, as policies like this will affect minorities the most, as minorities on the whole are more likely to rent instead of own a dwelling...


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