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Oh the Irony, Shannon

Updated: May 20, 2020

Today, Shannon’s opening her yap about people being “privileged“:

So, how bout getting rid of your security detail? We little people don’t have access to that, Shannon. Are you working to erode the 2A just so you can remain “privileged“ while others won’t be able to have a means to defend themselves adequately?

Watts also doesn’t seem to care about looters, which is why people are buying guns now. It’s a nationwide crisis and people want to protect their homes, their personal property/goods, and also their family. No! We must focus on domestic abuse and safe storage!! Don’t buy guns to do that and instead attack the evil NRA!!

No one is buying your crap anymore, Shannon. I’d tell you to “stop pooping and wipe your ass”, but seems like you didn’t prepare and are out of toilet paper. Whoops.

Be prepared. Be legally armed and practice real common sense gun safety.


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