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Ohio just got “Stand Your Ground” (and the “commie mommies” are pissed)

Good on Governor DeWine. These people are insane and they just need to be laughed at when they shriek (such as when they went to lobby against this and cried that they got exposed to COVID. Maybe take your own advice and stay home next time).

The Ohio chapters of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action, the grassroots networks of Everytown for Gun Safety, today released the following statements after Gov. DeWine signed dangerous “Stand Your Ground” legislation into law:
“When it comes to gun safety, Governor DeWine is all talk and no action,” said Lisa Voigt, a volunteer with Ohio Moms Demand Action. “By kowtowing to the extremists in the legislature he has failed his constituents and let the world know that he stands with the gun lobby over public safety. By signing this reckless, racist legislation he is putting Ohioans at risk.”
“Talk is cheap,” said Mitchell Pinsky, a junior at The Ohio State University and member of the Students Demand Action National Advisory Board. “Gov. DeWine has said a lot about wanting to prevent gun violence, but instead he threw his power behind this racist and dangerous policy that we know will only increase gun violence. Ohioans deserve leaders who will act on calls to prevent gun violence and tackle systemic racism — not enact shameful laws that take us backward.”
While Gov. DeWine’s signing statement suggested the governor supports efforts to reduce gun violence, the signing evokes flashbacks of his failure to fight for meaningful gun safety legislation even after the Dayton mass shooting. Despite his stated support for gun violence prevention in the wake of the tragedy, Gov. DeWine abandoned efforts to require background checks on all Ohio gun sales just two months later and refused to back life-saving red flag legislation.

Truth is, Moms Demand just wants safe working environments for criminals. I do find it odd how they bring race into the equation on their press release (what are they trying to say? Yikes....). Anyways, here’s Shan implying it’s bad to shoot criminals:


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