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Paging Shannon Watts! Why didn’t you talk about this shooting?

From the Fort Mill Sun:

A Charlotte man is facing several charges after allegedly firing at Fort Mill residents gathered Monday evening on an interstate bridge to support President Trump.
According to a press release, the supporters were on I-77 and Sutton Road around 6:50 p.m. Monday when three male subjects drove by more than once, making derogatory remarks and yelling obscenities at them from their vehicle.
“As the vehicle turned from Sutton Road on to the ramp to northbound I-77, the driver of the vehicle continued yelling and then extended his arm through the window, while holding what appeared to be a handgun,” Fort Mill Police Maj. Bryan Zachary said in a press release. “The victims further stated that, at that moment, they heard several shots fired, and the vehicle then proceeded northbound on the Interstate.”
Asomani has been criminally charged with the following: six counts of assault & battery of a high & aggravated nature and one count each of unlawful carrying of a pistol, pointing and presenting firearms at person and possession of a firearm during a violent crime.
A bond hearing was completed, and Asomani’s bond was set at a total of $75,000 on all charges, and he was transferred into the custody of the York County Detention Center.
Asomoni has two recent arrests in Charlotte for drug dealing, marijuana possession and carrying a concealed handgun, but he was released on bond in each case.

Nah, we won’t condemn that, right Shannon? Criminals carrying guns illegally and shooting at rally goers on the side of the road (not in it and shooting at drivers like your friends) are fine as long as they’re going after the correct political opposition. You’re focused on demonizing anyone with different political views other that Democrats. A quick view of your twitter feed shows you don’t only ignore incidents like the above, but you purposely fuel the fires of racial tensions. For what reason? Piss people off to commit more shootings so you can lobby for more gun control? You are disgusting and nothing other than a gaslighting propagandist.

You and you’re “volunteers“ are a legit cult. Yeah, “protestors“ (not all are like this, but ghouls like MDA and the media are protecting the bad actors) aren’t the problem.....

Here’s what really happened in the above tweet regarding the armed individual.


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