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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler turns on his street thug darlings (Antifa)

On New Year’s Eve, Nancy Pelosi’s house got hit by radical leftists (oddly enough, they didn’t hit any brick with the graffiti. Hmmmmm......). Late last night (New Year’s Day), Portland mayor Ted Wheeler condemned them by name and pretty much declared war against them:

New “tools” you say? So you ignored it all till after the elections and are going to use new “tools” so crack down on them (those tools will be applied to any side btw. More gov control).

Your move, Joe Biden.

So, with what happened to Pelosi (might be a false flag, as the vandals were careful enough not to touch the bricks) and with Wheeler coming out and saying what he did, is Dr. Frankenstein (Democrats) turning on it‘s monster (left wing radicals)? And in regards to the “false flag“ claim regarding Pelosi....


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