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Possible political corruption exposed in Baltimore, MD?

Ok, this will be quick. To start we were researching Everytown’s recent collaboration with the city of Baltimore.

We did a FOIA request today on that with the city, but in the meantime we did some digging. Everytown uses legal services from a firm in Baltimore:

In December of last year, the former chairman of that firm was appointed to a city position by the freshly elected mayor:

Looking at campaign finance data, Shea’s son was Scott’s largest donor (by a lot) in his 2018 campaign for city council:

Daddy Shea also ran for Governor of Maryland in 2018 and Scott was his running mate:

So, with such a massive campaign donation from Shea’s son in 2018, and then Scott appointing Shea Sr to a city job in late 2020 after Scott became mayor on 12/8/2020, is this potential evidence of appointing to a position because of past (recent) campaign contributions?


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