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Pritzker considering fining people who don’t wear masks

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker said Monday that he believes it's "worthy of considering" fines for people who do not comply with the state's mandate requiring masks in public to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.
Pritzker announced a new $5 million public awareness campaign on Monday with the tagline "It only works if you wear it," to encourage residents to wear face coverings. The initiative compares masks to seat belts in cars, bicycle helmets, life jackets and more in their life-saving capabilities.
When asked his thoughts on imposing fines against people who do not wear masks in public - akin to tickets for those who don't wear seat belts while in a moving vehicles - Pritzker said he believed it's worth considering fines, but at the local level. "Look, the first thing that we ought to do is make sure that we're enforcing and the way to do that… is first to warn, because the idea here is not to chase people down on the street and say, you know, 'Hey, you're not wearing a mask and I'm gonna throw a ticket at you,'" Pritzker said.

So the guy who dodged property taxes by removing toilets and is under investigation by the feds because of it and is the Governor of the State that misuses/doesn’t use fees collected for FOID Cards (you’re welcome 😉) and is now in federal court over it, and who’s speaker of the house is implicated in federal complaints for bribery, has the nerve to float the idea of fining citizens who don’t comply with his order (did he forget that IL Sheriffs told him to F off in regards to his orders?). Got it.....

Have we had enough of this crap yet? Perhaps the first two to be fined should be Pritzker‘s buddies right here (one he’s taking a selfie with and the guy to the right):

I wonder if J.B. has assets in companies that make masks like he does for COVID-19 testing? We’re sorry we helped get that out and it went viral, J.B. (not). You looked uncomfortable talking about it in your press conferences.


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