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Pro 2A Wannabe and "Preaching To The Choir"

Updated: May 1, 2020

I've mentioned this a time or two in other, more personal articles, that I am not a Professional within the 2A World. I've been completely open and honest with that and I really don't seek the status. I've literally told friends... even my REAL PRO 2A ones... that I'd rather be a Pro Taco Eater (the actual food, you pervs) than I would anything else. I. LOVE. TACOS!

I have NO monetary affiliations to big 2A Orgs, nor do I, or my team, take a dime from the public to do research or maintain my activism. If you look throughout the pages on this site, you will find a "shop"... that we do not really promote and was originally created to take a jab at Gun Control Groups. (The Shirt) It wasn't even supposed to stay around, but it had some inquiries from those who follow Mom-At-Arms religiously, and anything that we have garnered from it in commissions, we give to Pro 2A Grassroots movements.

"2A Wannabe!"

It's only right that accusation gets a Spice Girls gif. Anywho...

As the daughter of a VA Local & Federal Law Enforcement Officer, who was also a farmer, firearm ownership was a norm in my home. Shooting ranges were backyards or big fields with a paper plate- that didn't meet its fate to a trashcan after dinner, or a playing card tacked to a tree or fence post. If you visited my grandparent's home, you were handed a .22 to protect yourself from rabid critters in the middle of the night, because you had to walk to the outhouse due to no running water. Knowing how to shoot meant food on our table... and yes, at an early age, I also learned how to skin/ clean certain animals. Firearm ownership was part of the way of life... for protection and sustainability. "Self Preservation"

So, am I a 2A Wannabe? I have never used the connections I've made within my activism to boast about my successes... and when I say successes, I mean the everyday opportunities I'm given to use my platform to help others. My connections and resources came to me organically, and if someone asks, I MIGHT name drop. MIGHT.

I started this site for people like me... WOMEN like me: Those who have kept to themselves for the most part, yet we've seen the deception from certain "activist groups," and we are fed the hell up with the lies. I never in a million years thought this Mom-At-Arms "brand"- that I mulled over and threw together on a chance, would ever take off. I never thought I would meet and speak with actual pros in this industry and become really good pals. I never thought that I, personally... or as Mom-At-Arms... would be seen as a resource or that I would have women AND MEN reach out to me for guidance. I just wanted to rant about how Shannon Watts is a dipshit liar, and because I have a background in advertising, SOMEWHAT similar to hers, I wanted to oust her tactics more.

"Preaching to the choir."

I knew that everyone ALREADY knew Shannon Watts, and Moms Demand Action, was a fraud. There are tons of more popular outlets than my own who've given that info many times before in the past. What was pissing me off, though, is that NO ONE KEPT IT FRONT AND CENTER. It was avoided or swept under the rug, and anything else that came out of her, or her organization- Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America's- mouths... it was brushed off as a, "Whatever! Not like they're relevant, anyways! MDA SUCKS!"

Yes! Moms Demand Action and Shannon Watts DO SUCK, but are they so irrelevant? Hmmm...

Ok then! Here's their NOT SO RELEVANT LIST OF VICTORIES IN THE WORK THEY'VE DONE TO INFRINGE ON OUR RIGHTS: Victories by Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America

I'm a Virginian. Born and bred. I have literally watched the 2nd Amendment Rights of my state, and throughout America, go from never being thought about because "We had the Constitution" to now being under full attack... and Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America, as well as their money bags funding system, Everytown for Gun Safety with Billionaire Politician Michael Bloomberg, are the culprits. I mean, they LITERALLY OUTSPENT THE NRA & GOP IN VA's ELECTIONS!!! Get educated! Read about it here: Bloomberg's Gun Control Group Outspends NRA in VA Elections

As I rant and rave about these Gun Sense Wins, reminding people to open their eyes in order to inform others, I'm told I'm, "Preaching to the choir."

What's super funny about that accusation that I get often from many within the "Pro 2A World, that do not like my, or