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Pump the brakes, Doc!!!

First and foremost, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for taking the time to stop on by here and read what's going on in my head.

So.... Oh my gosh!! I have so many things to rant about, but I cannot seem to get passed this one. #StayInYourLane

Recently, some Doctors and other medical pros have made the headlines in support of Gun Grabbing, and all that other Gun Control bull caca.

Please let me introduce to you the new manipulation within the system...

Say Hello to "Docs Demand Action."

Look Familiar?

Anywho! I'm not diving into Everytown/ Moms Demand in this post (that will come later, friends), but before we go any further, let's get something straight. I come from a family of law enforcement and lots of medical professionals, so I'm not hating on any of you doctors and nurses out there. I know that y'all went to school for, like, a billion years to learn how to take things out of the human body, as well as put them back in and stuff. Thank you! I for one, appreciate your existence within, and dedication to, our society. You have a major purpose! I am not hating one bit on ya... BUT!!! Regardless of how long you went to school for MEDICINE, that does NOT make you a professional in determining what my individual rights are. Or anyone's for that matter. So... yes... STAY IN YO LANE!!

For one, and I'm calling it like I see it... how... HOW... during a doctor's visit, where you only spend 20min... TOPS... with your patients, are you able to determine a clear and valid assumption as to what my, or anyone's mental state is? Psychologists give at least an hour to make the slightest determination, sooooo... 20min of talking about my cough or a bump on my noggin is going to give you ALL that you need to know as far as my mental health? Hmmmm... Okay. Weird. It's taken some folks a lot longer than a 20min visit to come to the reality that I'm a little silly in the head (just ask my husband)... but, I've never wanted to do harm to myself or others. I'm good, right? Sadly enough, some of you might not think so.

I'm being this snide and sarcastic, because I know how you guys and gals in white coats work. You see, I've been a patient several times, and I use WebMD, sooooo technically, that makes me, and those like me, professionals in the medical industry, as well, because... well... we're the clients with first hand experience on both sides of the diagnosis fence. You see what I'm working towards here, right? (Nod slowly and say "Mmmmm hmmmm.")

Just as much as that above paragraph (and my usage of WebMD) probably ticks you medical folks off... think about it in terms to how us "simple" folks feel when we have someone, with NO background in politics or the fore-building of this country and it's Constitution, tell us how we should exercise our natural born Rights as American Citizens... (Ah Ha!!!!) WebMD was created by a techie entrepreneur, who has no background in medicine, yet millions of people use his service to outsmart you folks that actually went to school for the license to carry a stethoscope around. Ain't that something? But LAWD help us patients if we come in saying WebMD already diagnosed and cured us right up. I guess Jeff Arnold should've stayed in his lane, too, huh?

I mean, does having a Medical Degree automatically make you an expert in ALL things?

If so, the next time I have a runny nose, but my car is making an abnormal ticking noise, I'm going to expect a full service. K? (And yes! Insurance better cover it!)

So... Docs Demanding Action...

This Professional Patient, Avid WebMD User, And Critic Of Your Industry Demands That You Pull Over! While we all can have an opinion on a political issue, using your profession to help lobby/speak out against a constitutional right does not make you an expert.  In fact, it goes to show that you are using your status to tell others what to do, in turn making you an elitist. I'm not paying you to determine my rights. I pay you to fix the issue I come into your clinic for. If you can't do that, I'm all for calling WebMD creator, Jeff Arnold,

and seeing what he's got to say about it all.


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I'm also a Doctor and I didn't go to med school just for the license to carry a stethoscope around. This profession is my passion... helping and taking care of people in my job is sacred to me.

However, I'm not in support of Gun Grabbing. By the way, if anyone of you here wants to become a doctor just by carrying a stethoscope then buy a stethoscope for yourself using EKO Health Coupons and give it a try to become a doctor. I'll make you my assistant. Just kidding! Have a nice day!


Like my grandfather told me, just because you are a dog catcher, doesn’t mean you can bark. Another excellent perspective shared by you Jilly.

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