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Pushes Gun Control: Shoots Kids & Self

As we get closer to local, state and the BIG Ol 2020 elections, Gun Control groups and their funding partners are pushing hard to get more "Gun Sense" Candidates on those ballots. Headlines, advertisements, commercials and social media posts shining light on "Gun Violence" all over the nation... and the world.

When is enough going to be #ENOUGH?

November 1st, 2019 Ashley Auzenne (39- pictured above) of Deer Park County, TX was found dead of a gunshot wound, along with her three children; Parrish (11), Eleanor (9), and Lincoln (7). Auzenne, a Liberal Activist and very vocal supporter of Gun Control is the only suspect in this horrible tragedy- which has been labeled a murder suicide by Texas Authorities.


Before the ink could dry on the newspapers, Gun Control Activists were all over this story. You'd think they'd be sending out their own form of thoughts and prayers for one of their own, "Gun Sense" pushers... and especially considering Ashley suffered from mental illness issues, like depression, anxiety, etc... and was under psychiatric care. She was also going through a rough divorce process, that helped ignite her mental issues even more, but instead... in GUN GRABBER FASHION, groups like Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America callously used this tragedy to further GUN CONTROL... rather than Mental Health Awareness.

No mention of Ashley's Gun Control activism in this post. No mention of her mental state. They simply highlight the fact the tragedy involved a gun... and they even went further to passively villainize Ashely's husband, to whom she was finalizing divorce proceedings with.

This is the propaganda Gun Control groups push on society, and these are the headlines that many who are ignorant to the world, believe.

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to the rest of the Auzenne Family during this horrible time. Regardless of one's stance on Gun Rights, tragedies like this should focus on the real problem at hand... Mental Health. It should also promote healing and peace. Unfortunately, the selfish actions in this case, by Moms Demand Action were more worried about twisting the truth to fit their narrative... and they used one of their own to do it. How sad!

What is a Mass Shooting? Wikipedia 🙄 Answer linked here


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