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Ralph Northam violating civil rights again.....

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

The 2nd amendment is being trampled on by rulers who are no longer representatives of the people. The 2nd amendment is about the right of every American to keep and bear arms and shall not be infringed. The 2nd amendment ensures liberty and equality. These are the faces of the 2nd amendment. They don’t look like neo-Nazi white supremacists to me, Ralph:

The irony is that the current flashpoint situation in Virginia is because of a LOBBY day for ALL gun owners:

So this is interesting, as similar actions have been taken to prevent similar action based on RACE in the past.

History of the above photos:

May 2, 1967: Two dozen armed Negroes entered the state Capitol at noon today and 10 made their way to the back of the Assembly Chamber before they were disarmed and marched away by the state police.
The Assembly was in session at the time and Speaker Pro Tem Carlos Bee ordered the men removed from the chamber. Outside the chamber, the police took away the weapons. The men argued they could carry the weapons as long as they were not concealed.
Apparently the fact the weapons were not concealed was the reason the men were able to get as far as the Assembly Chamber before they were disarmed.
After the state police questioned the men, they returned the weapons to them because the intruders had broken no law.
Following their release by the state police, the men left the Capitol and rejoined some companions who remained outside during the incident. They then drove off.

Sometimes when you are so engulfed with pride, Ralph, you become what you fight against, as guess who (back then) fought against these armed African Americans‘ rights? Take one guess.....

It’s largely forgotten now, but 50 years ago, it created a national sensation. It even caused the National Rifle Association and Ronald Reagan to back a gun-control bill authored by a Republican.
Tuesday is the 50th anniversary of the May 2, 1967 “invasion” of the state Capitol by two dozen gun-toting Black Panthers. Carrying rifles, pistols and shotguns, and wearing dark glasses, leather jackets and berets, they marched up the front steps and into the Capitol to demonstrate their opposition to an anti-gun bill by Oakland Republican Don Mulford (1915-2000).

Congrats, Ralph. You are now in tune with the racist NRA of the 1960’s. The NRA at least evolved and doesn‘t discriminate anymore. You just choose to violate everyone’s rights and make history repeat itself.


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