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Red Flag Red Flag Laws

Growing up with a mom who was a nurse and several aunts... then my sister... then my sister in law... LOL! (If you live in a medically inclined home similar to mine, you know what I'm saying!)

Hell! Even my hubs has emergency medical training and is a Safety Facilitator for a large company. LMAO!

MEDICAL CRAP IS ALL AROUND ME ALL THE TIME!!! (Constantly picking band-aids off the damn floor! How many of you have a blood pressure cuff and fainting tabs just hanging out in your bathroom closet, next to the toilet paper, Benadryl and travel defibrillator? Y'all have suture kits, too?)

In college, my medical training was where I studied Psychology- Abnormal, being my favorite. I suggest everyone take a class or two in their life. SERIOUSLY!

Being that I'm surrounded with medical folks and then my own studies, can't help but call Bull Caca on a topic 90% of us Gun Nuts are against...



Red Flag Laws, by definition are gun control laws that permits police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves. (via Wikipedia)

Hmmm... so, pretty much, crazy mofos can have their firearms taken away.

I am sure you've heard (or used) the line, "Well, if you have a neighbor that thinks you're crazy or pissed at you cause you didn't return a tape measure, they can just call the cops, paint some picture that you're completely insane, then the PoPo will come and take you away... along with your guns!"

*Shrugs* Its a legit explanation as to why RFLs are completely asinine, but, in essence, the law is to "CONTROL" folks who certain other folks deem "CRAZY."

Moving on...


What is Schizophrenia?

I am sure you've heard of Schizophrenia. You've heard folks call others "Schizos," and many, if not ALL, psycho thriller killer movies are based around the condition. Let's talk about it a little bit more, shall we?

Schizophrenia by definition is, a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation. (via Oxford)

Did you know that the exact causes of Schizophrenia are unknown?

Emotional, environmental, physical, genetic, psychological and other sociological factors are THOUGHT to effect a person enough to develop the condition.

Did you know, that the "best" time for the condition (any mental condition) to settle into the psyche of a person is during their teen years?

Because the mind is in constant growth and when a person hits their teens, more prominent life stressers occur, and making them more vulnerable to certain socioeconomic conditions.

And guess what!?!

Until it's triggered, you'd NEVER know they had it.

Psychologists are constantly studying the stimuli, looking for instances and circumstances in the past of those afflicted. In other words... they are confused by where it came from.

Some of the symptoms of Schizophrenia are things like aggression, disorganization, depression, believing that certain events have special meanings, mood swings, lack of restraint, mental confusion, lack of interest, anxiety, irritability, speech disorders, fear, RELIGIOUS DELUSION, fatigue, lack of emotion...

Now... How many of you have some of these little quirks but are considered healthy of mind, body and spirit? How many of you know someone who has these quirks, but are also considered healthy of mind, body and spirit? According to the science behind Red Flag Laws, You're Not Allowed to own a firearm until THE GOVERNMENT deems you so.

I'm a mom of a toddler. MOMS OF TODDLERS SUFFER FROM ALL OF THOSE SYMPTOMS!! (Let that sink in, MOMS!)


HEY! Wait a minute...

- Fatigue

- Depression

- Mood Swings

- Irritability

- Lack of concentration

- Discontent

So, I am THE LAST WOMAN to admit that MEN are right... but...

Hey Ladies!!!

If you're having a bad visit from Auntie Flow, and happen to give snark in the wrong person's direction... guess what!?!

Red Flag Laws Are Sexist, aren't they? ;)


As more and more jump on the Red Flag Law bandwagon, can't help but wonder if in the grand scheme of things, these laws are aiming towards a more modern day, passive genocide of sorts?

Thinking about the majority of those who are showing themselves off in the media for Gun Control and these laws, are mostly women, children and effeminate males...

The question many have asked, yet seems to have a more broader definition now...

Are women being targeted by Gun Control groups, not only to push for Gun Control, but also to be left defenseless by Gun Control- in order to be manipulated by the idea of a Policed State?

Baaaah! Can't help but wonder!

Then again... Hmm.... *Shrugs*


Looking further into conditions like Schizophrenia, males tend to suffer from the condition EARLIER in life, whereas women tend to have episodes later on. (via Schizophrenia Facts)

Could this be a factor in why we are seeing more and more violent rages happening in our young males... as well as in our older females? *Shrugs*

Figured I'd just put those ideas out there to further prove that not only are Universal Background Checks completely useless against things like "mental illnesses," but Red Flag Laws are as well. The only way we will ever know the mindset of MOST individuals who want to do harm, is AFTER the crime is committed. That's the sad reality.

Even more so, it's proof that Gun Grabbers don't want to just take certain guns away, or even away from certain people. They want them all... from ALL AMERICANS.


Mom At Arms
Mom At Arms
Sep 03, 2019

Awesome Take!!! 👆


Sep 03, 2019

My take on Red Flag Laws...A few weeks ago, Bruce Ohr’s 302s were released. Based on the content, the FBI was warned about how shaky the Steele Dossier was weeks, prior to the FISA court hearing to spy on various members of the Trump campaign. That information was not imparted to the FISA court. If the FBI can subvert the FISA court, any hearing held in regard to these Red Flag laws can be subverted. Enough said...

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