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Rep. Jackson-Lee is inviting the government to check your weapons and ammo

Introduced 1/4/21:

So in short, you will be required to lock up your guns AND ammo. Have a loose round sitting on your desk? have an a-hole anti-gun neighbor that peeks through your window? Well, they can report that to authorities and they’ll be mandated to investigate it since a complaint/tip was sent to them. If you find that bullet, you get charged with a crime and likely your guns and ammo seized because you‘re somehow an “unsafe“ gun owner. The scary part? Groups like Moms Demand Action have been working to get stuff “on the books” and using the school system to do so:

It’s not just this district btw, another example of the many out there is in Arizona:

So let’s say Jackson-Lee’s unconstitutional bill becomes law. How far fetched of an idea would it be that these school districts that have parents sign this BS will be asking the children questions about their parents’ gun storage? Guess what happens when one kid says “my dad keeps his gun under his bed” or “my mom loads her magazine at the kitchen table”? Guess what happens when the school reports it?

These “gun safety” bills are meant to harass gun owners and political opponent. That’s it. And don’t you think this is going to lead to heated standoffs? I do.....


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