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“Republican” aspiring IL politician exposes her true colors (rabid Moms Demand Action member)

Voting and knowing what you're voting for is probably one of the most important decisions you make every few years. In areas that have strong presences of one political mindset over another, "infiltrators" seek to get elected to positions, but are not what them seem, which brings us to today's individual, Jen Crick.

In 2013, Jen ran for a school board seat in Cary, IL, a town in McHenry County. In 2016, Jen ran to be a precinct captain for the county GOP in her area. Due to personal information being provided in the link to this, the link will not be posted, as doxing someone for their politics is wrong, even if the info is public.

McHenry County on the whole is a purple area, but come election time, votes mostly Republican. This is why attention needs to be paid to candidates and their positions on core issues. Here's Jen last night at the McHenry County board meeting in which a resolution condemning the state "assault weapons" ban was passed 11-6. This is Jen's closing statement. As you can see/hear, she is a rapid DNC astroturf mom with Moms Demand Action and hardly a true "Republican". If you're not with her, you're for "murder and dead kids". Listen:

What's her statements a perfect example of in terms of those that disagree on her policy positions and her devotion to Moms Demand Action?

Be informed about who you vote for. Jen appears to be making an attempted comeback for a polticial positon. So, if you're in that area, you now know her true colors, which includes her stating you support kids being killed if you are against the gun control measures Moms Demand Action wants. Further, she flat out states she is active in growing the organization in the county (she lies though, maybe 1300 email subcribers, but not 1300 active members with MDA). As you can tell by her tone, she is quite the sarcastic one and absolutely despises gun owners of the county and those that are not on the MDA bandwagon.


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