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Rest In Peace Ryha Marohn: An open letter to Moms Demand Action

You call me... as well as those like me... extremists.

You call me... as well as those like me... domestic terrorists.

All because I... as well as those like me... believe in preserving certain self defensive measures, to protect ourselves from the possibility of harm from others.

Your organization, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, has magnificently created a stigma around individuals like me... a fellow Mom.

You've made me out to be a monster. A deviant within society, and in all actuality, aside from a speeding ticket or two, I've never wished anyone any harm. I've either kept to myself (especially during a pandemic), or I've been a volunteer and productive member in my community... and not because of "guns," either.


I've actually had to stew on this article a bit. I had a draft ready, with stats and facts and charts and such... I mean, we here at Mom-At-Arms were watching the "Shannels," and as soon as this story popped up on Watts' feed, we got to digging. "A beloved volunteer with Moms Demand Action took their life." We were ready to debunk, expose and make a complete mockery of you all over it. Then, as I read more into it, I felt horrible for the family involved. Not that I don't feel sorry for anyone who experiences loss, but this one in particular hit me a little differently. You see, my best friend just lost her niece to suicide and because I love my friend, I weep for her and her sister (the victim's mother).

But then I got to thinking, "y'all don't even care what I have to say in regards to all of that, anyway."

So, I'm going to talk to you about something you do care about... One of your own.

(Yes. As soon as we heard about a Moms Demand Action volunteer committing suicide, we did our research. The research we found, though, is what sets Gun Control activists and Gun Rights activists apart. We in the Gun Rights arena DO SOMETHING, while y'all just go around and beg for it.)

Ryha Marohn- Johnson was a beautiful woman. Although she was not on the same page as I am, as far as Gun Rights (Her being a Moms Demand Action groupie... I being the opposite), she was an intelligent and well rounded woman. Someone, anyone, could look up to. A highly ranked US Veteran. A loved and respected house-call Veterinarian. A motivator within her community. A loving wife and mother.

We also found that her husband, a Virginia native, DOES, in fact, have political ties to many along the east coast.

Losing their teenage son, Carter, to suicide back in January of 2019... Ryha's first born child... the heartbreak and anguish that she faced every single day since his passing, I cannot begin to imagine her pain. Carter made her a mother, and his passing, especially by suicide, left that title cracked. She felt like a failure.

For almost a year, to the day, Ryha felt like a failure as a mother.

This isn't me speculating. This is me, as a mother, going off of another mother's own words on her social media posts. Going back a FULL YEAR and reading every sentence filled with grief and longing. Ryha missed Carter. She was miserable without him. The poor woman was severely depressed. SEVERELY! And what confuses me is... why the heck didn't a Moms Demand Action member/ leader recognize it?

Every post on her Facebook page was a cry for help.

Many of you who "Liked" her posts (cause I looked into some of your backgrounds), just played into it even more. She'd write these long, beautiful, memory-filled posts about Carter, but in the same wording, she would mention how much her heart broke each day. Many of you saw her as a grieving mother. Sending "healing vibes" in responses, but... for a group of women who claim their mission is to eliminate situations/ issues, like Ryha's... how could you NOT see a pattern of a woman suffering a mental crisis?

Not to mention, she was left to be "alone" on his FIRST BIRTHDAY after his passing.



This is what y'all do!!! This is y'alls THING!! This is the mountain y'all climb daily and shove in the faces of women like me, while screaming, "EXPECT US!"

How many of you reached out to this poor woman?

I thought I was disgusted with you all before, because of how you all exploit civil rights topics through politics, but, now I see you all are nothing but for show... just like your founders.

Every... single... post... for a year, Ryha Marohn- Johnson pleaded for someone to heal her heart. And instead of someone (especially those of you piggybacking off of her death in order to gain headway) reaching out and saying, "Let's talk. Let's get you help for your grief," y'all ignored the very warning signs you all use to persuade legislators to push gun control.

Yet, I'm the monster... extremist... domestic terrorist... because I choose to protect my life. Imagine that.


Rest in peace, Ryha.

Your son's birthday, and the day you chose to leave this world, ironically... is the anniversary of the last day I spent with someone very special to me. A different kind of loss, but a loss that had me on the edge at one point, too.

My heart and prayers go out to your husband and daughter.

I may not have agreed with you on many things, but, my mother's heart recognizes the pain yours felt. Because of that, I couldn't help but put myself in your shoes, as I read every single word (from your posts on Carter). I am so sorry... but I will live on to tell your story and the story of many others just like you, so that WE may find a solution.

Warning Signs "Red Flags" of Suicidal Tendencies:


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