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Seattle Mayor is scared for her safety. Tough shit

A group of protesters marched to the home of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on Sunday afternoon, upset that she pledged to dismantle the police-free "Capitol Hill Organized Protest," known as CHOP.
Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant joined a group of dozens of demonstrators gathered at Durkan's home, holding signs, chanting, and demanding she leave the area alone or meet protesters' demands.
Durkan's office issued a statement on the protests, saying Sawant joined the protests "without regard for the safety of the Mayor and her family."
"Mayor Durkan and her family are in the state program to keep their address confidential because of the death threats mostly related to her work as Seattle's U.S. Attorney under President Obama," a statement from the mayor's office issued Sunday read. "Instead of working to make true change, Councilmember Sawant continues to choose political stunts. Tonight she did so without regard for the safety of the Mayor and her family. The Mayor was not even home - she was working at City Hall. Seattle can and should peacefully demonstrate but should not put families and children at risk."

Maybe the mayor can recruit her allies with Moms Demand to protect her and her family? Ha!

Mayor, you let these lunatics create CHAZ/CHOP. You deal with it. You’re on your own. I sincerely hope you’re a hypocrite and have guns in your home, as you’re responsible for your (and your family’s) own safety. The mob has come for you (along with their friendly commie city council members) and no one is going to save you from their wrath. You fed into them and we’re too stupid to realize that you’d become a target. It’s what happens in every “revolution”.


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