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Shannon Watts helping provide cover for rioters? Appears so!

On may 31st, she posted this while attending a BLM protest in Northern California (Bay Area):

Security was taping the crowd so that if anything was damaged/looted, there would be evidence that could be reviewed in order to catch the people breaking the law. Her PSA was obviously intended to tell people to NOT share videos/photos of the protest to protect criminals (because destruction of property and stealing is ok if it’s for the “right reasons” apparently). Funny enough, President Trump was tweeting out “wanted” posters for people caught destroying property over the last 2 days. Different state and all, but because he was doing it, it sparked panic among leftists:

Interestingly enough, the night that Watts posted her tweet, things went south in the Bay Area and trouble happened:

Very irresponsible of Watts to use her platform to help warn possible criminals of security that’s there to document any trouble. By doing so, she basically told her followers to cover for criminals and possibly stonewalled investigations that could have helped identify people stealing and causing property damage.


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