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Shannon Watts loses her shit and blames US Senator for gang involved shooting of child

So what happened?

Police say the little girl was likely hit by a stray bullet during a confrontation between two groups of men in the Phipps Plaza parking lot.
“We do know that there was a dispute involving multiple males in the parking lot of Saks Fifth Avenue. We don’t know if that dispute led to the shooting. We have security camera video and we are recovering and going through that video,” Atlanta Police Homicide Detective Peter Malecki said last week.

A dispute with a bunch of male suspects in Atlanta. Surely it’s not gangs getting into an argument, right? And surely they obtained those firearm legally and were carrying them in accordance with the law, right? Seriously, what law would stop that? None, but let’s blame someone who had nothing to do with it (Loeffler) just for the purpose of political gain, shall we?......

The only extremist here is Shannon Watts, who’s organization supports Reverend Warnock (who ran his wife over during a domestic violence situation) against Loeffler. I am a PROUD “gun extremist“ and we are not the ones shooting kids in gang disputes, nor are we a threat to anyone (unless they make a bad move that threatens our lives or our family’s and we have no other choice but to defend ourselves with a gun). Truth is, Shannon’s endorsed Candidates are the “extremists”, as they spew gun control out of one side of their mouth, but threaten to shoot those who don’t wear masks out of the other.


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