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Shannon Watts’s dumbest tweet ever

Good lord:

How well did those restrictions in DC work last year? I’ll even use the Washington Post as a source:

Homicides in the District rose for the third consecutive year in 2020, reaching nearly 200 for the first time since the previous decade and further stressing a city rattled by the pandemic and social and political unrest.
The number of killings stood at 198 Thursday evening, making the past year the deadliest in the city since 2004. More than 920 people were shot in D.C. in 2020, a 64 percent increase from three years ago.

Gee Shannon, those restrictions seem to be having the opposite effect. Seems you’re the “obtuse” one...

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Apr 07, 2021

Shannon's rain dance worked! It worked!

Ask her to do it again!

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