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Shannon Watts trips up bigly in her own propaganda

We all know Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, loves spewing nonsense in order to make her case. This one though is quite the head scratcher. First, at 6:16pm on 11/30/22:

From the article in the tweet:

DALLAS — Police say they've arrested a North Texas man who shot and killed another man who was suspected of stealing from a Family Dollar store in Dallas and getting into an altercation with two female employees.

Kevin Jackson, 47, faces a murder charge in the case, officials said.

Well, when a photo of the "suspect" came out, this is how she tried to recover and pivot less than 24 hours after the above tweet:

See that? She's now trying to paint the guy she accused as following the NRA's "advice" as a victim in order to advance and gaslight her agenda, which is "white people only get to exercise their 2A rights". Unfortunately for Shannon, there is proof in her own words that she thinks it's "irresponsible" to talk about the changing racial demographics of gun ownership. Last year, she was very mad that the Washington Post was highlighting that more minorities were getting legally armed and exercising their 2A rights and she had this to say:

Conclusion: Shannon is a gaslighting propagandist and will say whatever is needed to advance her and her organization's goals of gun control, even if it means getting tied up in her own talking points and propaganda.

Bonus: appears she doesn't like Jews getting armed:

Maybe that's because she doesn't want them fighting back against those looking to oppress them because doing so is "gun violence"?....

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
01 dic 2022

Ban assault cleavage!

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