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Some Gun Control Not-For-Profit Charities Pay So Well That One Person Eats Up 30% Of It’s Income!

Happy Friday everyone! Have you ever thought about becoming a professional activist in the field of working towards making gun ownership a major hurdle for legal gun owners via advocating/lobbying for increased fees to legally own a gun, supporting a ban on so-called “assault weapons”, ? If so, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence may be for you! Take a look at the latest (2017, 2016, 2015) IRS 990’s:

Not too shabby, eh? Most of the grant and donation money seems to go towards paying the people to do what the 501(c)3 is set out to do. But who gets the most loot?




Unfortunately (😏) in June of 2019, Colleen resigned.

Guess they couldn’t afford to pay her roughly 30% of all income anymore and she’ll just “volunteer“ instead. Stinks that she didn’t become the next Shannon Watts (get bought out by Bloomberg for almost a quarter million dollars).


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