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The Biggest Threat to Liberty

From when I began my endeavor in Constitutional rights advocacy a few years ago, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to engage in many conversations surrounding our country’s history, the philosophies of our Founding Father’s, and the future of these fundamental human rights these forward thinking men guaranteed every American when forming our Constitution and Bill of Rights. However one of these conversations presented one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked: “What is the biggest threat to our liberty?”

While I immediately had a response, “We The People” are own own biggest threat”,

I could not stop pondering it.

This simple, yet powerful question led me to contemplate the many facets of not only what the biggest threat to our liberty is, but why?

Why are “We The People”, our own biggest threat?

As I pondered this, the answer I realize the answer lied in a theory I’d formed several months ago: “The Three C’s”.

The American people allowed these “three C’s to permeate every aspect of our society, and our communities; Complacency, Complicity, & Contrariness.

We have become COMPLACENT. We allow the news media and the government to erode our ability to think for ourselves and also our willingness to be responsible for our own lives.

We have become COMPLICIT. We encourage our family and friends to surrender our freedoms to the very government that continues to take away the natural rights that our forefathers guaranteed every American in our Constitution.

We have become CONTRARY. We viciously attack those who invite us to assume responsibility for our own actions, successes and failures. Our laziness , our arrogance, and our ignorance have provided the fuel for the fire that has begun to destroy the very foundation our country was founded on.

My answer to this simple, yet profound question? WE THE PEOPLE

WE THE PEOPLE are the biggest threat to America’s liberty.

WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for the culture and government we have created.

WE THE PEOPLE must now make the decision stand together and take action against the COMPLACENT, COMPLICIT, and CONTRARY culture we have created.

Not only for ourselves, but for our future generations, our communities, and our COUNTRY.

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