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The FOID fund scandal: remember Rep. Tarvor? Is he a victim of it?

It’s been 6 days since the Illinois State Rifle Association made it official in addition to the findings we uncovered ourselves, so let’s revisit a previous story. Remember this?

So, we already know he voted for SB1966, which raises FOID fees (amongst other BS) in order to fund the State Police Firearms Services Fund, which we know Now doesn’t need funding because plenty of money is there and a good chunk of it is being diverted to other areas, but look why the state rep was arrested:

During the traffic stop, police said officers learned that Tarver, 38, was "in possession of a handgun while his current concealed carry license was revoked."
He was charged with one misdemeanor count of failing to surrender a concealed carry license, according to police, and released on a $1,500 bond.
In a statement, Tarver, who lives in the city's North Kenwood neighborhood and represents the 25th District on Chicago's South Side, said his arrest was due to "what appeared to have been a clerical error."
Tarver said his concealed carry permit was renewed in August through 2024, but that he was notified that the license was revoked due to the expiration of his FOID card, which he "immediately renewed."
"The renewal was effective as of November 16," Tarver said, noting that the effective date was two days before his arrest. "While I had no way of knowing, this renewal purportedly was not yet reflected in Chicago Police Department records."

The Chicago Police doesn’t have a thing to do with updating the FOID database. It’s a shame that the funds aren’t used properly, as maybe if they were, the State Police could avoid crap like this. Better yet, toss the whole damn system so an otherwise innocent man isn’t arrested again. Then again, Rep. Tarvor defended his vote on SB1966 (Fix the FOID act) even after his arrest.

It’s too late to change his vote, but I’m sure many of us would love to Rep. Tarvor’s opinion on the recent findings regarding the State Police Firearms Services Fund. Republican State Rep, after the revelations of the fund, seems to understand. Statement release 12/14:

The fund diversions have created another challenge for law-abiding Illinois residents who paid fees, complied with legal requirements, and were then forced to wait for the FOID cards and required documents that they were required to have by law.


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