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The liar (Shannon Watts) lies yet again (and is caught red handed)

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

*****Update 6/5/20 at bottom*****

This woman needs to just stop lol.

The perp stole the AR-15 out of a burning police car. The perp is a rioter that stole the gun. Media security rushed in and disarmed him. This wasn’t an open carrier “gun extremist“ as you say, it was a thief that is associated with the left wing rioters. Here, this should help paint the real story you disgusting opportunistic hack, not just the part you cherry picked for your tweet:

Get it right and get the full story before peddling your petty bullshit, Shannon. You are worse than Goebbels when it comes to spinning things for Everytown’s agenda. Seriously, Shannon, you used the hashtag #waleg (Washington Legislature) in order to bring attention for more laws or something. I think it’s illegal to burn a police car and steal a rifle from it, no?

And then there’s this shitbag:

Same guy got busted faking a death threat to smear lawful gun owners. They have to lie to try and get a point across. Sick, sick people they are.


A Marine Corps veteran turned security contractor, who asked that his name not be used for security reasons, unintentionally took the internet by storm after a video surfaced of him disarming a Seattle rioter who had stolen a police officer’s AR-15 from a destroyed squad car Saturday.   
 Being introduced to firearms at a young age helped him view guns as tools and develop safe handling practices. He said his father taught him the intricacies of firearms. “It’s a passion, it’s a hobby. It’s obsession. It’s a love. It’s the thing I choose to make my life around,” he explained. He was naturally drawn to working with firearms and in a career that allows him to use them. And he was in the right place at the right time during the protests and riots on the streets of Seattle. 

You all need to read the whole article. The guy is a hero and is ONE OF US! A GUN NUT SAVED THE DAY. Eat it, Watts! Your pals are the bad guys.

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