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The lie of Social Justice and Gun Control

The gun violence lie that is allowed to persist is a false social justice to placate an extreme subset of wealthy women which destroys working class & poor communities

Over night, [Washington State] Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins had the session working through 02:00 (approximately 02:20PST) to push bills through the House of Representatives. Many of these bills are so, that in an election year, which this year is, to show "we did SoM3THinG!!". These bills that become law are seldom good for anyone living in a state, except for the few who sponsor them.

Why is this important? This clears out the backlog of bills that were building up in an extensive queue to get to the [AG of WA] Ferguson / [Governor] Inslee crown jewel. ESSB 5078 - the magazine capacity ban. A bill that Sen Marko Liias is tweeting out an example of support, a heavily biased survey which barely shows 50% strong support when you factor in the 3.5 +/- error factor.

The statements made during public testimony, in the House as well as the Senate were clear in that such a bill, if it becomes law, targets BIPOC/Ethnic minorities. Confirmed yesterday in a five-year, eight state study of monetary sanctions -- the fines and fees tied to court fines. A system that continually violates and decimates racial and social justice.

Repeatedly, the highly racially and socially diverse panels of those registered CON/against ESSB 5078 spoke about how laws such as this bill will target the working class and poor communities. Communities in Washington State that are primary Black, Brown, Indigenous, as well as religious minorities. Communities which have strained relationships with law enforcement, where new laws are brutally enforced first.

The claim with this bill from those who falsely side with Social Justice, is that this will stop "gun violence". This has been proven over and over again with death certificates and crime reports to be a lie.

The rarity of mass shootings should never be allowed to forcibly disarm Rape Victims, DV victims, Hate Crime Victims; who the state has re-injured with the release of violent criminals in the Spring of 2020. The lily white false social justice supporters, who on one hand decry police actions, pull on a mask to push gun control bills like ESSB 5078 that force police action and intentionally devastating financial penalties on the communities they claim to support.

The Washington State Democratic Party leadership is following lock step with the Democratic National Committee's policy of gun control. Demanding that the duly elected members of the State Legislature toe the line; and NOT follow what those who voted for these members have clearly stated.

No on gun control.

No longer will Washington residents stand by and have our Human and Civil Rights violated by the hypocrites in Olympia, WA. Those who do vote for this bill to be passed, shall be voted out of office.

Ignore the over 1 out of 500 residents in Washington State at your own political career risk.

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