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The “Mighty Mouse” Beretta 21a

Doing this review for 2 reasons. First, Jill (head of Mom-At-Arms) makes fun of this little pocket pistol, so ha! Second, it’s really a great firearm to use as a backup, deep concealment weapon, or use when carrying a larger firearm isn’t an option (such as when you’re going for a jog or something).

The 21a is a double action/single action pistol that is meant to be carried cocked and locked, but for those that want to carry it in double action first shot, you can do that too. The magazine holds 7 rounds, so a total of 7+1. Not bad for a DA/SA pocket pistol that’s only slightly larger than a credit card!

Plenty of other reviews out there on this gun that have more details (such as the nifty flip up barrel and why it’s useful for those that have trouble racking slides and also for safely decocking the pistol), so let’s get to the good stuff. 7 yards out shooting offhand and not going for tight groups:

Some mag dumps at the same distance:

Before you caliber Karens complain about a .22 not being “good enough”, here’s what this pistol and CCI mini-mags will do:

If you don’t want to watch the video (ballistics gel test using a Beretta 21a), then here’s the results: internal tumbling which results in a wound channel similar to a .40, and also penetration just reaching 12”. Plenty good to ruin someone’s day if they’re trying to attack you:

So, there you have it. This little pocket gun is nothing to laugh at. It fills its roll perfectly. You can carry it in your coat pocket with your hand grasping it and have it ready immediately without even alerting a threat that you’re armed. Nifty little gun, isn’t it?


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