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Updated: Nov 23, 2018

I've been on social media for a while, now. Started with Myspace- the epic platform that allowed you to scope out hotties, be virtually silly with pals, and most importantly, post that kick ass music player (so when folks opened up your profile, they got blasted with gangster rap as they scrolled through your family photos). Yeah. Those were the days.

Then along came Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (for you professional types), and Instagram... not to mention several more that made it so much easier for us to communicate with people, via our couch and pjs. Social media has made it extremely easy for us (ME) to look a hot mess in reality while making others believe you've got your crap under control. For that, I say Thank You!

Times have changed since those early days of posting cute and funny cat pics.

We've adapted to this impersonal personalization, and have completely made it OURS in retrospect to how we manage our daily lives. We check the news, weather, family reports. We've become so reliant on this trend, that going out and venturing into the public folds of society have literally made most, if not all of us, ZOMBIES!!!!

With the change in times, social medialites have done so, as well. Since 2016, I've watched friends and family literally destroy relationships with one another based on political and religious views. Those views that have always been there, probably discussed over Thanksgiving Dinner a time or two, now out in the open for many to see... BOOM! You're out of the will. It has gotten so bad, that people have embarked on personal journeys to actually devalue one another just on the terms of what their voter ballots look like. Now I know why my parents used to tell me that its not wise to discuss politics with pals. WHOOPS!

As I've aged with this new convenience of socialization at my fingertips, I've definitely found myself adapting to the construct of it's new purpose. I've become more open politically and have made it a mission to help others see the truths behind Big Gov's velvet curtain. I've lost many relationships to this new way of mingling. Friends, Family... they've dropped me like a fly infested cow pie. To each their own, but I've also found that my tolerance for stupidity has a lowered... so it's a good chance they would've been dropped as well.

With that said, I can't help but be blown away by the folks you DO actually meet on social media that really do, on all levels of realness... CARE. Those that I've lost due to my Christian Conservatism, I've doubled in the relationships that I've met through embracing my beliefs and sharing them with likeminded folks. PATRIOTS! Folks from all walks of life coming together, NOT to just support our President, but to actually Make America Great Again. We come together in Unity... a Family... to push through those standards that have ripped the seam of traditional values and morality within our new age society. We fight, daily, censorships, oppression, and criticisms from those who differ from us, but don't want to find a common ground. We're told we are Deplorable by people who violently scream "LOVE TRUMPS HATE," while being kicked out of restaurants and shopping centers. We are chased in the streets and harassed- called Bigots, Racists, Sexists, etc... by people who literally drive the stake through the heart of civil justice. As these actions toward us grow, we UNITE together more to stand against these brandings from the selfish brigade of Liberalism.

As the holidays approach, I'm more at peace with my beliefs than ever before. I may not see some family or friends this year... but I do have a support system waiting for me at my fingertips. Because of this backing, I have the courage to openly say... I am so proud to be an American & I am so proud of my Patriotism. Even more so, I am proud of the UNITY that comes from it all.

God Bless You & Yours... JillyO~


Great post. This is a must visit for me now! Awesome work Jilly, can’t wait to see what the future holds for your blog!


Good stuff! Keep up the good work, will be looking forward to reading the next installment!

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